YBs missed the forest for the trees

Columnist : WSJ, Kawadan Klias

It is indeed hillarious to watch how swift certain quarters are to claim even a morsel of credit. People are falling over themselves staking their claim on the recent announcement by Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Jeffrey G. Kitingan (DSPDJK) that Sabah will be collecting an estimated RM1.25 billion annually from Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) next year.

Some even accused DSPDJK of selling out Sabah’s natural resource to ‘Malaya’ by virtue of him agreeing to accept the 5% sales tax from Petronas while at the same time, claiming that the 5% was the work of previous administration i.e. Warisan (Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal – DSSA). So if Warisan did it, it’s a win for Sabah but if DSPDJK did it, it’s a sell out? How do we even brain that?

But fret not minions of Warisan, DSPDJK has not sold Sabah’s oil resource to Petronas….alone… because apparently the State government will be imposing the 5% sales tax to other players in Sabah too. It will be a buffet spread! And according to you, this is all thanks to DSSA and Warisan.

As to YB Datuk Junz Wong dan YB Sarifuddin Hata, perhaps you two distinguish persons should go back to school and learn the art of discerning instead of trying to ‘school’ YB Flovia Ng. YB Flovia did not dispute the RUU passed by our DUN which was gazzeted in December 2019 nor did she deny that DSSA ever made effort to collect the 5% tax, she simply said he had failed to execute.

As the former Assistant Minister of State Finanace Ministry under Warisan, Yg Bhg Kenny Chua said, DSSA only pursued the sales tax earnestly after the change in government in Putrajaya. One wonders why he did not approach our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for ‘approval’ to enforce the Sales Tax as he did with his benefactor Tun Mahathir Mohammad before this? It is well documented, google it. When Tun Mahathir was in power, DSSA defered enforcement for Tun Mahathir as reported by Freemalaysiatoday on 7 April 2020 (Sabah mula laksana 5% cukai jualan ke atas produk petroleum).

One also wonders if DSSA would continue to defer enforcement had Tun Mahathir remained in power, using Covid19 as an excuse just to appease their political benefactor. We would never know now, would we?

The 2 YBs would do well to concentrate on helping their constituents instead of politicking day in day out and claiming everything under the sky. And stop belittling voters in the interiors as though they are easily duped. The voters in these areas are not as they were previously. A lot of educated persons came from the interior. You would do well to change your views on interior voters since arrogance and contempt for rural folks have become the hallmark of Warisan leaders’ attitude.