STARSABAH Youth Wing reinforces DDJK’s statement on Vernacular Schools

Two Youth Wing leaders from STARSabah have joined their Party President, Datuk Dr Jeffrey G. Kitingan, against Bersatu Youth Chief, YB Senator Wan Ahmad Fayhsal latest controversial remark.

State EXCO Deputy Youth Wing head, Jordan Jude Ellron, 23 and STARSabah Kepayan Youth Wing Information Officer, Hiezry Aron Azman Imbayan, 34 both agreed that vernacular schools have the right to coexist with national schools as enshrined in Article 152(1) of The Federal Constitution.

” I believe it is the failure of our national education system in integrating and fostering the concepts of understanding, tolerance and acceptance of every Malaysian’s various cultural background.”

“While we may have accepted each other’s race and even religion, yet it is strange that education can be deemed a unity threat when it has yet to be conclusively proven that vernacular schools are a cause for disunity amongst Malaysians.”

Jordan further mentioned that he is a graduate of the vernacular education system and it has not changed him as a loyal fellow Sabahan and citizen under the Federation of Malaysia.

Jordan Jude Ellron

“Many non-Chinese Sabahans graduated under the Malaysian vernacular school system yet many are able converse in BM decently and are able to socialize with Malaysians of various backgrounds.”

Meanwhile, Hiezry Aron Azman Imbayan, said STARSabah Kepayan Youth Wing stand behind Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan on the support of vernacular schools right to provide education to all Malaysians irregardless of race and religion.

Hiezry Aron Azman Imbayan

“If the Senator were to look at Sabah’s demographics, we are comprised of a multi-racial community and we have coexisted peacefully, grieved and thrived together.”

“We believe Malaysians, particularly the youths, would like to move forward and embrace each other’s unique background differences. That should be the way towards a progressive and modern nation.”

“How long do we have to tolerate such unfounded accusation of disunity or disharmony? Sabah is a State that is thriving into the modern era without ever dealing with racial issues of such magnitude as faced by our fellow West Malaysians.”

Lastly, both Jordan and Aron called for the Bersatu Youth Wing to reconsider their stand in the interest of national unity and peace.