Call for Abolishment of Vernacular Schools by Bersatu Youth


30 August 2020

Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STARSabah) President, Datuk Dr. Jeffrey G. Kitingan, disagrees with Bersatu Youth Chief recent remark calling for the abolishment of Vernacular schools.

  1. I refer to the comment by Bersatu Youth Chief, YB Senator Wan Ahmad Fayhsal on the call for the ABOLISHMENT OF VERNACULAR SCHOOLS in Malaysia on the 26th of August.
  2. While i respect his views he needs to think deeper given that every Malaysian’s right to education, in his/her language of choice is enshrined in the Federal Constitution, Article 1(2).
  3. In Sabah, the non-Chinese students of vernacular schools constitute 71.5% overall.
  4. In some areas, 90% are non-Chinese. That is a very huge indication that the demand for vernacular school education in Sabah is very high. It is a well known fact that Sabahans are able to coexist very peacefully amongst each other and we wish to preserve our culture of tolerance. Surely he cannot be that insensitive to us Sabahans?
  5. I would also like to remind Senator Wan Ahmad Fayhsal that a UEC POLICY TASK FORCE (PPDUEC) was created under MOE and as reported by The Malay Mail on 4th October last year, one of their findings was that it is the failure of the education system which needs to be revamped and improved.
  6. They also stated that some of the ‘younger generation wanted the public to reconcile and move on from such controversies’.
  7. Therefore, it is better for Wan Ahmad Fayhsal to engage with PPDUEC and the relevant stakeholders in a dialogue to formulate agreeable solutions that also resolves the issue of national unity.
  8. Tun Dr. Mahathir is no longer associated with PPBM and he was quite clear about his stand that vernacular education system stands in the way of national unity.
  9. However, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiyiddin is the new leader and he has always shown support for the vernacular school system .
  10. I believe our PM is a wise man with a moderate approach on all issues that is highly sensitive to Malaysians whom are multi cultural and that he will take the appropriate actions in regards to the sustenance and thrive of vernacular schools while ensuring national unity in both national and vernacular schools.

Datuk Dr Jeffrey G. Kitingan
President, Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STARSABAH)
Member of Parliament P180 Keningau and Deputy Minister of MOTAC